{photo by Marissa Carlson}


I love finding inspiration and adventure and capturing the moment through photo, video, and design.

I live for spontaneity. In my free time you’ll find me on a drive during golden hour with Google Maps turned OFF discovering the hidden gems in cities old and new.

What am I into?

Spontaneous adventures wherever my husband and I may be.

Dancing anytime and anywhere with anyone.

Michael Jackson. Jamie Cullum. Ray Charles. Louis Prima.

Vintage Cars. Outdoor Summer Concerts.

Metros, Trains, and Planes. Argentina. Italy.

Ocean’s 11. Man from U.N.C.L.E. BMW Short Films.

Street Tacos – Al Pastor. Dark Chocolate.

Who inspires me?

Audrey Hepburn. Annie Leibovitz. Jennifer Garner.

Terrence Mallick. Caleb Deschanel. Alfonso Cuarón. Emmanuel Lubezki.

Thomas S. Monson, Jeffrey R. Holland.

(Have no idea who those last two people are?  Check out their inspiring words at www.lds.org)